Repair: Martin 000

Mike from the repair shop here. I have a Martin OOO that had a nice large side crack, top crack, and small back crack. It also suffered from dehydration. After carefully realigning the side crack and gluing it up hydration was needed. The top and back crack closed up and glued up beautifully. After some finish touchup this Martin is back from the grave and ready rock once again.

Thanks for checking it out.10320545_812164022154624_4329009568057945593_n-600x450


Rig-of-the-Week 2.10.15

The second installment for employee Rig-of-the-Week is from Les Doerfler. Start with a 1966 Fender Mustang Bass. Couple that with an Orange AD-200 MkIII head, Orange 4×10 cab. Throw in an Eventide H9 Harmonizer for swirly reverby goodness. Top off with a Divine Noise coiled cable. Big bottom sound in a nice, tidy package. Every bass player should rock a short scale bass at some point.

Repair: Nut slot adjustment and handmade nut

Mike from the repair shop here. I’ve got a after market licenced fender neck where the nut slot was not cut deep enough. I carefully deepened the slot with a fine toothed saw and chiseled out the excess wood. I then used files to flatten the slot. Add a new handmade bone nut and you have a neck ready to play.
Thanks for checking it out.