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    The king of all vintage flangers. This original vintage flanger pedal was first produced in June 1977. This example is an early version with the 12VDC external wall-wart power transformer with a positive tip plug. These versions are known to have plenty of headroom and an extremely musical flanging sweep. Knobs for Manual, Range, Speed, and Enhance. Plus added functionality with an even/odd harmonics switch for a slightly different timbre, and a Threshold knob to gate the flanging effect. The Manual knob sets the time delay and is disabled when the Range knob is turned fully clockwise. In this mode, the A/DA Flanger could be swept with either the Manual knob or an external control pedal. The A/DA circuit differs from other flanger pedals by employing a built-in compressor and a bandpass filter in the feedback loop, which gives it its own distinct sound. Comes with power supply.

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