Fender Telecaster (1979)


  • Description

    An excellent example of a 70’s Telecaster in a rare finish.
    Neck pickup has been changed to an unknown year AVRI pickup with cloth wires.
    Shielding foil has been added beneath the control plate.
    Otherwise all original.
    There is mild finish checking and dings on the front and rear faces of the instrument.
    Some finish chips and spots where the finish has been worn through.
    Piece of the pickguard near the control plate has broken off.
    Moderate oxidization on the volume and tone knobs.
    Moderate fret wear from frets 1-9.
    Original retailer sticked on back of the peghead.
    Weight: 9lbs
    Comes with the original hard shell case.

  • Additional information

    Very Good



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