Heptode Deep Crunch


  • Description

    Inspired by the famous Soldano SLO-100* Crunch channel, this pedal from Heptode has this typical crunch sound that was found in the 80’s tube amps. The DEEP CRUNCH can be used as a preamp (plugged in the “power amp” or “FX return” input of an amplifier), as a classic pedal (plugged in the guitar input of an amplifier), or plugged in a mixer or a sound card input. The CabSim switch activates the Cabinet Simulator, very useful when the pedal is connected to a mixer or a computer. Controls: Preamp gain (GAIN), Output level (LEVEL), Tone (BASS / MIDDLE / TREBLE). Power: 9V battery (High quality alkaline battery included) or AC Adapter DC 9V (not included, negative center pin). Current draw: 20 mA typical.

  • Additional information

    Very Good