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Mesa Boogie

Mesa Boogie Subway Bass DI-Preamp

Mesa Boogie Subway Bass DI-Preamp

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Subway D-800 Amp Tone in a Pedal-sized DI Box

The Mesa/Boogie Subway Bass DI-Preamp packs the powerful tone-shaping features of the acclaimed Subway D-800 bass amp into a pedalboard-friendly DI box. Its active 4-band EQ provides you with ample sound-shaping possibilities. Enjoy a nice round tone, or take it into a vintage-scooped territory with the Subway Bass DI-Preamp's Voicing control. Beef up your low end with the Deep switch. And thanks to its Pre/Post, Line/Mic, and Ground-lift switches, the Subway Bass DI-Preamp drives just about any power amplifier. Able to operate on either AC or battery power, the Mesa/Boogie Subway Bass DI-Preamp delivers the classic tone you crave.

Mesa/Boogie Subway Bass DI-Preamp at a Glance:
  • Total tonal control
  • Mesa/Boogie delivers legendary tone
Total tonal control

The Subway Bass DI-Preamp's active 4-band EQ is complemented by the D-800's variable Voicing control, letting you preset your EQ curve anywhere from flat to a vintage-scoop. The Deep switch injects your tone with low-end sonic enhancement. Drive any power amp, by virtue of the Subway Bass DI-Preamp's Pre/Post, Line/Mic, and Ground-lift switches on its balanced XLR output. The Subway Bass DI-Preamp makes dialing in your bass tone quick and easy.

Mesa/Boogie delivers legendary tone

Mesa/Boogie has been hand-building some of the most sought-after guitar gear in Petaluma, California, since the late '60s. Early fans of Mesa gear include Carlos Santana and Keith Richards, guitarists whose tones have been chased by countless musicians ever since. When you plug into the Subway Bass DI-Preamp, you're tapping into decades of innovation.

Mesa/Boogie Subway Bass DI-Preamp Features:
  • Subway D-800 bass amp tone in a pedal-sized DI box
  • Active 4-band EQ provides ample sound-shaping possibilities
  • Voicing control delivers everything from flat to a vintage-scooped sound
  • Deep switch injects your tone with low-end sonic enhancement
  • Controls to optimize the XLR out
  • AC or battery powered, auto switches to battery if AC fails

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