Instrument and Amp Repairs

We provide a wide range of repair services for guitars, basses, mandolins, and ukuleles on site, as well as amplifier repairs that we send out. In-house services include setups, restringing, truss rod adjustment, fretwork, hardware repair and replacement, electronics troubleshooting and repair, and more. New, used, or vintage, we can help you get your instrument back in great playing condition. Occasionally there are some repairs that we cannot execute in our shop, in which case we will be happy to refer you to the best luthiers we are aware of for the specific repair your instrument requires. Please read our general and specific notes about our repair services and basic pricing structures. 


    Amp repairs are sent out to experienced individual private contractors. The current labor rate for amp repairs is $75 per hour. The first hour includes troubleshooting and a diagnostic estimate plus reassembly by the amp tech. If the amp can be repaired in an hour or less, the labor rate is $75 plus parts & tax. If the amp repair will take more than one hour, the tech notifies Action Music, and Action Music will call you with an estimate of all necessary/recommended repairs. If you do not elect to have the amp serviced, you will still be charged the full $75 diagnostic fee. If you elect to move ahead with the repair, the $75 is applied toward the final bill. Typical amp repair turnaround time is 2-3 weeks, sometimes longer if specialty parts need to be ordered. Please be advised that many modern circuitboard amps (e.g., Fender Hotrod series) usually require at least two hours of time. All estimates are good for 60 days from the date of the estimate. Feel free to call for more information.

    We do not refer directly to our subcontractors.


    All prices are estimates only and do not include parts, strings, etc., unless indicated. Due to limited space in our store, any repair not picked up within 30 days of notification will be charged a storage fee of $3 per day for an additional 15 days, after which the instrument will be sold for salvage. We reserve the right to refuse instruments for repair if we feel that we cannot execute the repair satisfactorily. We are not responsible for damage to instrument finish (chips, dings, etc.) for instruments left without a protective bag or case.

    Bench Charge Minimum: $25
    Shop Labor Rate: $85/hour

  • Restringing

    Restringing: $3 per string (not including strings); Classical guitars $4 per string
    This price does NOT include 12-string, slotted-peghead, and Rickenbacker 12-string guitars. Please ask about restringing prices for these instruments.

  • Setups

    Standard setup includes: tighten and lube tuners, check nut height, clean fretboard, remove tarnish from frets, adjust truss rod, adjust neck angle (if possible), set bridge/saddle height and radius, clean electronics, restring, tune, intonate, test, and polish.

    Intonation: PRICELESS!

    It is our experience that 95% of guitars would benefit from a full set-up. It is impossible to tell whether an instrument is capable of playing in tune without a full evaluation on the bench. See the next section on Setups.

    Acoustic 6-string and all 6-string electric guitars without locking tremolo systems:

    $85 plus strings

    Locking tremolo guitars (incl. Parker guitars), including leveling trem, tuning, and intonation:
    $105 plus strings

    Exceptionally grimy or filthy instruments will incur a $50 surcharge for the labor involved in unsticking gunked-up parts, removing scum, polishing, etc.


    At peghead: $20

    Acoustics: $20

    If neck must be removed to access truss rod: $30

    Double-truss rod instruments (e.g., Rickenbacker): $35


    Does not include doweling preexisting holes or reaming : $50

    For locking tuners, pin-located tuners, or tuners requiring additional peghead reaming (e.g., some Fenders and Gotohs) : $75


    Precut graphite or tusq:
    $75 (includes nut blank)

    Handcut bone nut:
    $95 (includes nut blank)

    Brass or other materials:
    $125 (labor only)

    12-string nut, custom-cut:
    $135 and up (includes nut blank)


    Level, crown, and polish: $200

    Crown and polish only: $165

    Partial refret: $135 plus $15 per fret replaced

    Refrets: $400 to $600 (depending on instrument, fingerboard type, and amount of binding)


    Any customization, coil tapping, phase switching, multi-option switches, etc. will be billed at the standard hourly rate ($75/hour).

  • Pickup Install — Electric

    Any woodworking or customizing necessary will be billed at the standard hourly rate.

    Single humbucker: $55

    Dual humbucker: $75

    ES or hollow-series guitars: $130 to $160

    Stratocaster: $55 for one, $65 for two, $75 for three

    Telecaster: $75 for bridge pickup and reintonation; $95 for both pickups

    Pickup potting: $100

    Pickup rewinding:
    $100 and up (sent out*)

  • Pickup Install — Acoustic

    Any woodworking or customizing necessary will be billed at the standard hourly rate.

    Soundhole pickups (hardwired to jack): $70

    Piezo, with battery attachment: $80

    Replace input jack on pickguard or plate:
    $25 plus jack

    Barrel jacks in instruments with active electronics will be billed at hourly rate.


    New saddle: $75 (parts included)

    Compensated bone saddle: $110 (parts included)

    Crack repairs: approx. $40 per inch

    Bridge reglue: $150 and up

    Replace bridge: $200 to $275 (additional charge for 12-strings)

    Install strap button: $25 (includes chrome button)

    Any procedure that does not appear on this list will be billed at the standard hourly rate.